Can anyone tell me what this error means?

Hello all.

Converting web app from 2019 R1.1 to 2022 R1.1 I get, as many of you already have seen, a LOT of errors - Over 4k of them. I am working to get these down but have come across a few that I cannot understand.

This one, in particular, is pulling my hair out. The object does exist, as do their names. Therefore I cannot understand the message shown:
LicenseManagerPage.cntEntNewLicKey.Name Layout(property name) - This item does not exist, name.

I also get an error, almost identical
LicenseManagerPage.cntEntNewLicKey.Name Layout(property name) - Type Int32 has no member named “None”, Name

Anyone have any idea what these mean? I get similar for several containers on the same page.


Could be a control set? There are no control sets in Web2 yet.

Hi Alberto,

Its a page that has a container in/on it with several objects. Same as other pages… The containers have labels and webtextareas/webtextfields/WebCheckBox etc.

There are more than one container on a page, but they are not nested…

Try deleting the container from the page and adding it again.

That may fix the error (did a quick test) but still shows the Container as empty on the IDE (webpage on browser looks fine).


As test, I saved the project, then removed two small web rectangles. Recompiled, same error. Reverted to just saved project and no more error.

That’s WEIRD!


I see in another area that control arrays are not permitted yet… another Gotcha!

Thanks for the tip on Control Sets/Arrays.

This question has already been asked, for example This item does not exist - Name? - Targets / Web - Xojo Programming Forum

Search for “This item does not exist, name” in the forum. Searching before creating a new thread can save you time.

As has been said before, converting a Web 1.0 project to Web 2.0 project is not the way to go.