Can Any One tell me how to use UIModalTransitionStyleFlipHorizontal

I am trying to flip screen in and out , the documentation shows the apple documentation on this but Xojo does not explain how to use it.

Thanks In Advance

Can you post a link to the Apple docs that you are looking at?

@Jason_Parsley Apple Developer Documentation

@roger_holmes You can use iOSDesignExtensions MobileScreen.PushToShowModalFlipXC

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Hi Jeremie,
I have tried but keep getting crash. If you chang Line 42 in vHome : table : selection changed from :
Self.PushToShowModalXC(v, ViewExtensionsXC.UIModalPresentationStyle.formSheet)
self.PushToShowModalFlipXC(v, ViewExtensionsXC.UIModalPresentationStyle.formSheet)

you will crash.

It Crashes In PushToShowModalFlipXC Here :

If callback Is Nil Then
presentViewController(parent.ViewControllerHandle, navController, Animate, Nil). <-----------
presentViewController(parent.ViewControllerHandle, navController, Animate, callback.handle)
End If
what should I look For ?


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