Camera capture and overlay

Is it possible to “record” live video from camera and add an overlay (picture or canvas) and save.
I see Christian have plugins, but it seems like it’s only for still images.


Mac? Win? Linux?

You could record first and post process video.

With AVFoundation, I expect you can also draw live on the video before it’s compressed.

Thanks for answering Christian
I use Raspberry Pi 3

I think I have the solution now…
Got most of it working today.

Python + OpenCV + Xojo + Einhugur Python plugin.

I draw a transparent overlay with sensor values in Xojo, the running Python application use this image and insert the overlay in OpenCV and saves the movie on the fly.

I also track a moving ball and got the coordinates and distance live in my Xojo application.

This application probably should be all Python… But it’s Xojo I know…
Thanks to Björn for the plugin.