calling Xojoscript Precompile crashes

Create a Xojoscript, and set the source to something that will fail, then precompile it …

myXojoScript.Precompile( XojoScript.OptimizationLevels.None ) 

Boom, the IDE crashes. It’s very weird. There is a Xojo Crash report window asking to report the crash to Feedback, and then the DebugBuild also crashes, without a crash report window. This is not supposed happen, right?

Making a sample project that does this doesn’t show the problem, so it is something in my project. It’s too huge to post here.

Okay, I found out it wasn’t precompile crashing. It was the same script being Run. So it should crash. That is what I was testing. Still, a XojoScript crashing opening up a Feedback crash report window seems weird. Is it supposed to do that?