Calling an external app

I have read another post that I can use f.launch to start an external application from my Xojo app.

Should this external app be installed into the same directory as the xojo app?
If so how do I get the path to it?

Or can it be stored inside the application package with all the other app files and launched from there?

it does not matter where the app is located, you only have to specify the path.

It doesn’t matter where it is, you just get the folder item of the application and call the Launch method. Starts it right up.

If you have a special intention on how to use this app, like a “helper app” of sorts, there’s definitely other things to consider here, but the direct answer to your question is “it doesn’t matter where it is, Launch just launches.”

in Linux
if you want to launch files or scripts that have an extension use ShowUrl (folderitem.URLPath)

folderitem.launch does not work there

OK I guess my question is what is the SpecialFolders call to “get the folder where the current app is running” and I will just put it in there. I looked at the Xojo docs and couldn’t find it. only .ApplicationSupport
I tried .Application but Xojo gives me an error on that.

where “current app is running”… as in your Xojo App?



Thanks once again Dave and Axel!