Calling a Method in a Window Returning Errors


I am in the process and incorporating a Unit testing piece to an already existing code. When i first started this project i had the Unit Testing piece completely separate of the original project and only used the same methods and classes of the original, but made it work for the new window. Now i am in the process of pushing the unit testing piece into the original project so that when we run the tester it is using the same code as the original so we know that the actual code of the original is being tested, not the altered code that i used for the testing.

The issue i am having is that there are two methods that i have to use to get a process started. these two methods are located in two separate windows, and are public so i can reference them. However, when i call these methods, they work by performing their tasks, but they do not communicate this information back to my testing window, even though the variables are global.

The strange part is that i can take the exact method and place it in the same folder as the testing methods and not change any of the code at all, they are exactly the same, and the process runs perfectly. So the issue is stemming from having to call it from the windows. Any suggestions as to why this is happening or how i can fix it?