Calling a C# Class Library DLL on Windows

Is there going to be support for calling a C# Class Library DLL in the future with Xojo?

The concept of a STD “C” DLL is starting to become more and more of a rare bird these days given the prominence of C# over C++ / C.

Xojo types don’t match with c# types. Your best bet is writing a .NET console app that you can call using the Shell class.

Sure. But given that the Windows platform is also going to be LLVM at some point, I guess I was asking specifically if this is even possible moving forward. I know that its a long shot.


This was a few years ago but the way I did it was to create a .net ActiveX COM object and wrap the functions I needed in the .NET DLL. You can then call the proxy functions from Xojo.

Hope this makes sense.



So you did a C DLL around the methods needed in the .NET DLL?

Yeah .NET isn’t LLVM though. They aren’t really compatible on any level.

Geoff has stated Xojo are looking at using .net for the gui part of Xojo on Windows for both the IDE & compiled apps, so maybe it will be possible. I wouldn’t hold my breath though “looking” doesn’t imply commitment.

It’s a big undertaking - discussion among the engineers has left me with the very clear impression it’s a bigger job than Cocoa since none of the current Win32 framework would likely be useful.
Timelines are fuzzy as we have a LOT of things to tackle before taking on a new .Net framework.

[quote=43349:@Gary MacDougall]So you did a C DLL around the methods needed in the .NET DLL?[/quote] Actually it was a .NET COM DLL I wrote in C# as the wrapper Although it could be done in Managed C++ as well.

Visual studio makes it very easy to create these project types and Xojo understands COM interfaces (see Insert/ActiveX component in the IDE)