Call for a new application

20 years ago, I made on the Realbasic platform an application named MOVIRA that can be found on the Website The aim is to draw a control chart according to the Western Electric Statistical Quality Control Handbook.

Today, the control chart is a good tool for fighting the covid-19, according to many scientists. But MOVIRA is written in 32 bits and I feel unable today to re-write it in 64 bits. I am too old. By the way, I am looking for a willing developer who could re-write MOVIRA in 64 bits, maybe under another name. It is not a big job, the size could be about 5 MO.

I don’t want to sell my project to anybody, and I don’t want to hire a consultant. I just suggest that a developer should make an app and sell it on Apple Store, or anywhere else. Control chart is the last trend in medecine, because of the Covid-19. It’s time to take advantage of that. I could help him (or her) free of charge. I could provide him (or her) with algorithms.

Hi jean-marie, would it not be better to have this as a web-app ? would be supernice to have this thing, on a web-page.

You are right Helge. Anyway the Web leads to downloading an app. The problem is to write the app.

I suppose you still have the realbasic sources. did you try just to open it in xojo and compile it ?
moving to 64 bits is often straightforward, just change the popup from 32 to 64 and compile …

Unfortunately I did not keep the source !

Moreover I am not a professional developer, just an amateur. Apple Store did not accept MOVIRA because of that.

I hope no-one needed a copy in a hurry… it was difficult to locate on that site. :slight_smile:

Having looked at it, it’s hard to see what it does that couldn’t be done in a spreadsheet in a few minutes

As far as I can tell from a brief session with it:

You enter numbers, it displays an unlabelled plot of those,
plus 5 numeric stats

-One is the sample count,

  • one is the mean,
  • one is the standard deviation.( actually sigma …which is slightly different)
  • UCL and LCL (upper and lower control limits?)

Does it do anything else?