Call Demonize and SSL

I’m trying to get working a small webapp demonized with SSL on Ubuntu server.
For SSL I’ve perfectly executed what described on this document.

I run the app with command ./MyApp --secureport=8181

If the app run NOT demonized all works perfectly and I can connect to it on port 8181.
If the app run as demonized (“Call Demonize” on app.opening) the app don’t answer on port 8181.

NETSTAT reveal to me that the process is listening on port 1 :open_mouth:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2444/MyApp

How it’s possible and how can I get it work correctly as demonized app on the port I chose?

Check this thread and see if it helps.

I am solving this kind of issue via a Linux Service. Easier to build than on Windows for instance, at least in terms that it will restart automatically after any failure.

Something along these lines:

Description=TheBestXojoAppEver Service

ExecStart=/var/www/html/xojo/yourXojoApp --secureport=8181


Of course change Description, User, ExecStart path to your values!

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Interesting workaround. I will try it as soon as possible.

So, the “Call Demonized” declaration don’t work as expected with SSl and is better to avoid it?


Honestly, I don’t know. I have been using services for all kind of things. So I only did the same for my Xojo Web Apps to start them automatically after any fail, and never looked at any possible aternatives, of course the service will as well start after a reboot etc.