call colour picker from code


I have a client who want to have the ability to select colour for the text value. What is the best way to accomplish this???

it will be used in a listbox that show the text in the cell in different colour.

first idea i come up with is a colour picker. once the user select the colour, it will be save into a table as a string and then use in the listbox i mention above.

second idea is simply give them a limited list of colour in the contextual menu.

The SelectColor method will display the color picker. ListBox.CellTextPaint will allow you to draw the text for the cell using the selected color.

thanks paul, how do i save the color i select using SelectColor into a string for a later use in listbox which i need to turn the string back to color?

use a variant :slight_smile:

To save as a string

Dim v as variant = myColor return v.stringValue

To convert a string to color

Dim v as variant = myColorString return v.colorValue

thanks sam… it work…

It should do!

i have no idea i can do that…hehe