CalendarControl - What code do I use to get the day clicked on?

I purchased the Einhugen addons and I am using the CalendarControl - being new to Xojo I am having a conceptual challenge with seeing how to access features of the widget such as DayClicked, that is - I would like to capture the information on the day clicked and sql it to a database.

See the screenshot at this url:

What code do I use to get the day clicked on?


The CalendarControl docs are at the Einhugur site.

It looks like either the SelectedDate property or the DayClicked event will tell you the selected date.

Bob’s Your Uncle!


this did it: followup_date_Field.Text =me.SelectedDate.SQLDate

I had read the docs and tried a number of variations. At issue was that I just stumbled upon: me. as being the start of the proper reference path.

Appreciate your help!

Each of the Einhugur plugin comes with a number of examples that are usually pretty good at explaining how to use them.

You can also open the Einhugur docs by clicking on the Help menu and selecting “Plugin References -> Plugin” in the IDE.