Calendar & Time Chooser Talk (2019)

Thanks Kato. I noticed this issue this morning which started my rewrite of the calendar. I hope to have it finished this. Weekend. Thanks!!

Ok so I am almost finished with the Calendar rewrite. I rewrote everything from scratch including all of the math for Gregorian.

This rewrite will allow me to add most if not all features we spoke about on this thread, barring enough time :slight_smile:

Stay tuned!

And yes the days are purposely like that since I am finishing the “displaying” of the days now :slight_smile:

I also added to the demo window to show off more options.

look so cool


Can this awesome tool can be adapted to work with web applications ?

Well I haven’t used WE, however everything I am doing are in canvases (Time and Calendar) then subclassed onto containers on a window along with other custom classes. I don’t see why not, but I have no idea the level of effort. Someone would need to fork my project and pull a branch to adapt it for WE.

I promise I will regression test it on Win 7 and 8 lastly. Thanks! :slight_smile:

When can I download the new one ?..

Very nice job Mike. Thank’s.

Today is Easter Sunday for our family so we have alot of family stuff going on. Hopefully tonight or worst case tomorrow as I need this done ASAP for my enterprise software also.


Jim McKay is also helping on this project by implementing real clock hands vs. my original curveshape lines. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

[quote=80732:@Mike Cotrone]


I like the new look for the calendar. It looks awesome. Although the dates are little off. I didnt know JAN had 44 days. :slight_smile:

It seems there are a few project items missing from the github repo… I’m assuming new classes that were added to the project but not added to the repo yet?

i didn’t notice the 44 days until you mention it scott.

Mike wrote this underneath the picture.

So, they are day numbers and not the date. :wink:

Thank you for putting time into this widget, it’s sorely needed. Great job!

Thanks Jeremy. I am almost done and will start Regression testing in an hour or so. I am adding more features to it so it’s a feel of a real OS calendar. For example not just showing the “Days” of the month selected, but showing that plus the previous months few days and the next months few days just like OS X and Win Calendars.

I also already implemented the Sat - Sun or Mon - Sun Week Styles.

[quote=81162:@Paul Sondervan]Mike wrote this underneath the picture.

So, they are day numbers and not the date. ;)[/quote]
Not sure I understand what you are saying. Yes it is the date.