Calendar & Time Chooser Talk (2019)

I have had a need to a professional Calendar and Time chooser/picker in my current app. I found a good German RB project off of the Internet that I started from and continued to restructure the calendaring and added the time selector piece.

I wrote this 100% in Xojo.

If anyone is interested I can post this to my Github account when I am finished?


I am interested.

Also if anyone has any recommendations on the aesthetics please let me know :slight_smile: Thanks!

Ha I noticed my Day order was off by a few.

Please share it

Love the look of the clock. Thanks for offering to share. Will you post here on the Forum when it is ready?

Absolutely. Ill post my github link once I am done today. I am finalizing the manual time entry to move the clock hands now.

Very Nice Mike! Looks sharp.

I’m interested too.

Mike, that time selector is super cool!

I added an animated Second hand for show. :slight_smile:


I would suggest that you include a property in the Inspector that allows you to have just a date or just a time picker.

In that way you will get three controls for the price of one!

Nice job Mike! The only the only thing that looks off to me is the font looks a tad heavy (thick). Simon’s idea is good. Will it be a container control?

I just converted each of them to a container control so I can implement Simon’s idea. Yes Peter I share the same concern, but I am using Bevel Buttons (For the toggle which I am beginning to regret:) ) and for some reason the alignment is off. Im working on that :wink:

Ok Guys,

I took the bevel’s down to 10 point Helvetica and it atleast looks centered now. Its weird how any Font Size above 10 is always not centered (leans to the top more).

What do you think?

CalendarPickerOnly = True

TimePickerOnly = True

BothPickers = True

Im still playing with the CurveShape vs. Figureshape still so I will load this project on GitHub a bit later tonight.


Here is the link to the CalendarTimeChooser project.


Thank you, Mike, great work.

Thanks Simon and please let me know if you have any more recommendations. Thanks!

I would like to include multiple choices for clock faces.

If you have any nice clock face image links please email or twitter me :slight_smile: Thanks!