Calendar RRULE parser

Hi all,

I am looking if someone has an calendar RRULE parser for Xojo.
(see section 4.3.10)

There are various parsers in JS, PHP or Python to find which I could convert to Xojo.
In the MBS plugins, I could only find a plugin to create a recurring event. Or is there also a parser somewhere?

Thanks for any input,
Marc Vos

What do you want to feed the parser and what do you want to get back? I’ve a working implementation that fits my needs but does not cover all cases. Depending on what you need I may have something to get you going.

What gets harder is displaying the event on the appropriate dates based on the rule and the calendar view’s date range. Most all of these are repeating events and displayed on the fly for appropriate views.

And of course handling the editing of the repeat event gets tricky.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your answer and your nice screenshots!

What I want to do is to parse the Repeat Rule (for example the one in your 2nd screenshot), between a start and end date and get a series of date/times (objects or as strings YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) back as an array or so.

I do not want to create events, just get the data - eh, dates.


I put this together quickly and it may be some help.


Hi Peter,

Super! Thank you very, very much!


Hi @PeterFargo & @MarcVos
How do you pharse the “on the” section (1st, 2nd… Mon, Tue…) ?

I must confess that I have not found the time yet to use it. It’s still on my very long todo list.

Thanks @MarcVos … If I found a solution I will share in order to help you to reduce your todo list.

@Mariano Poli I haven’t had the need for that.

@PeterFargo : thanks and have a merry christmas. If i solve it I will share in this conversation.