calendar controls


can anyone recommend a good calendar control for iOS?

Have not found anything… :frowning:

Thank you.



Does the date picker not fit your needs? It’s what is expected from iOS users…

Jason, thx for your reply!

I am looking for a control with calendar year/month/week/day view, where appointments are displayed, like e. g. used in iPhone calendar app…

This is the kind of thing you got to design yourself.

I use CalAlarm, which indeed displays different view, by month, by week.

This kind of design does not exist in native Xojo iOS controls. The only part I think is native is the first picture with the month view, where obviously a table is used to display appointments. The rest is custom.

It can be done using the Canvas. It is not terribly difficult to draw the elements, and use the Canvas events to detect tap or long press.

…ok, thank you very much!

I will try to build a simple one.

Thx and have a nice day,