Calculate a string


I have a string that contains a formula to evaluate to.

Is there any way to do it?

For example:

Var f As String = “2 + 3”

Of course the formula can be a bit more complicated.

Thank you

Search for XojoScript in the Xojo documentation.

You should be able to create a string containing Xojo code that performs the calculation, execute the string and retrieve the result.

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new project
Examples/Code Execution/Xojoscript/Evaluator


Thanks to both of you

I have already solved it

@José_Miguel_Prefasi_Zapata : Feel free to share the solution you find to help other member of this forum :wink:

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Thank you for that, I didn’t know this possibility.
How can I get the documentation? I searched for “Evaluator” but I didn’t get any usefull result. Anyway, the example gave me all what I need.

Another question, how can I add a XojoScript module? I add this one copying it from the example and pasting it in my project. But I’m curious how I can create a new XojoScript.



In Examples/Code Execution/Xojoscript/Evaluator is the Evaluator class

I have copied it (File, Export / File, Import) to my project and in the module where I need it I have added

Var myEval As New Evaluator
Var Formula As String
Var Result As UInteger


result = myEval.Eval(Formula)

In this case the results are always positive integers.

My project is to solve every problem from

Thank you all