C++ Runtimes

I installed Xojo 2018r4 on a Windows 7 machine
It appears to have installed the 2015 runtimes at the same time.
But Xojo wont start because it says it is missing the api-ms…DLL
It says I should install the runtimes, so I downloaded the installer, which wont run because the runtimes ‘have already been installed’
Catch 22

How do I get things working, and is this the kind of experience that customers would get if I compiled in 2018 r4?

try uninstall then cclene the windows reg and reinstall

Yes - or no: if you check the "Build Settings → Windows → Advanced (Inspector on the right - the gear icon): Include Runtime DLL’s

Having said that… you could do that for the Xojo IDE, too:
Copy the .dll’s from the Xojo-IDE program folder “Xojo 2018 Release 4\Extras\Windows Runtime\Files/x64” next to “Xojo.exe”.
Since Xojo is built with Xojo, it should fine the .dll’s next to the .exe - even if the ones installed are somehow “corrupt/missing/whatever”.


No need to download… you find them bundled with Xojo: Xojo-IDE program folder “Xojo 2018 Release 4\Extras\Windows Runtime\Installers”.

Ah the curse of the helper, nothing is ever as easy as it should be :wink:

Installing a fresh w7 64b image now, 50/50 if I get the same problem :wink: I’ll let you know.

Cheers all.
Xojo isnt happy either… it wont start. Trying the uninstall/reinstall business

Fresh install of W7 64bit then an install of W7 SP1 and Xojo 2018r4 went on there without issue.

I know I’ve had bad luck using the installer to install the required DLL’s. With one customer I gave up and simply included the DLL’s on the build and made them part of the installer package. I know it’s not the proscribed way but there’s only so long you can beat your head against the wall.