Buttons rendered differently on macOS


I am scratching my head on this one. I develop the app on Windows, but when the app is accessed on macOS, the height of the buttons is not the one defined in the inspector. For example I set the height to 50, but the height I get is a little bit higher than the text, as if the height is predetermined and can’t be set on macOS. I get that in Safari and Chrome as well.

It’s a bug, a feature or else ?


WebButton: This control is implemented as a native browser control. So it depends on the browser on how it shows the button.

Is not macOS per se, because FireFox will show the bigger button.

Also, remember, it’s the web. Things will get rendered differently Mac, Windows, Linux, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge, IE, Brave… and so on. The best thing to do is avoid doing anything non-standard. Leave control defaults as they are or risk breaking things.

If you want to control the height, you must style it “just enough”. Try changing the background color and maybe add a border.

Strange, but Greg’s answer works