button styles

I’m changing the button style to other shapes available in the options but it doesnt take any effect !
It stays the usual standard rectangular shape…
What am I missing ?

Try to run your project. Not everything is shown in the IDE.

Already tried.
Not working

Beatrix is right that the IDE won’t show many of the different styles. I also got slighted a bit by using the Bevel Button and trying Retina with it :slight_smile: I had to switch over to the pushbuttons since the pushbuttons are native and the bevel is not.

[quote=75957:@Horacio Vilches]Already tried.
Not working[/quote]
Are you compiling for Cocoa? They don’t change for Windows, Linux, or Carbon builds.

Cocoa Mainly (Windows also but I have different pushbutton sizing issues there.)

Are there any other things that work only under specific OS that we should be aware of ?

These sort of things are typically noted in the Language Reference. For example, PushButton.ButtonStyle has a box at the top that shows it is only supported on OS X Cocoa.