Button/Label font/size

I started using this programming environment when it was still called RealBasic and I have a program that I started in Realbasic 6 that has been updated to the current version of Xojo (2015r1). When I initially created the window and its associated controls realBasic had the ability to set the font/size/bold while you were creating the interface. That is to say, I could place a button or label on the window, and then change the font from System to any font I had available. I could also change the point size to any size i desired. plus I could toggle Bold on or off. And when I made any of these changes I would immediately see the changes so that I could decide if i needed to make any further changes (as in ‘oops I made the font too large’).

Interestingly enough, all of those attributes have carried over through all the revisions of Xojo since I first created that window. So I still see the buttons and labels with some of them having larger text (bigger point size) while others have smaller text. And some of the buttons have captions that are Bold while others do not. No problem so far.

Now today i want to make some of the buttons smaller, and give them smaller captions … only to discover that when I look at the buttons using the Inspector there is no place to set the font or point size, or bold attributes.

Looking through the Xojo reference I see that I can change these things during run-time … but that means that A) I would have to add a bunch more code to reduce the caption size and button size (we are talking approximately 225 buttons here) and I would only be able to actually SEE the changes by running the program!

Is there something I’m missing here? Has there been a significant paradigm shift in the Xojo interface that i don’t know about? Or has the ability to change these attributes during the design/creation phase been completely removed?!?!?!

The font settings are on the second page of the Inspector (click on the gear button).

Ahhhh, I see, they just got moved. Thanks