Button hiding behind WebListBox

I have a WebListBox that is pinned (“locked”) to resize with the resizing of the WebPage. I want to put a Button just below the WebListBox, and have it stay in a fixed position from the left of the page (same as listbox) and just below the WebListBox. However I can’t seem to find a way to keep the button from being ‘fixed’ and the other elements of the page obscuring it.

I’ve tried using the Resize event of the page to get the .Height of the WebListBox and then adjust the buttons top position accordingly, but the .Height of a WebListBox always reports the value set in the IDE and not its live height.

Any tips on getting a control to stick to the bottom of another resize-able control?

That bug will not allow you to do the calculations.

Right now I can only think of putting the WebListBox and WebButton in a Container.

Thanks Alberto - I will keep tinkering and post my final solution here (or lack thereof). Have a nice day!

Thinking more about this, do you mean that the WebListBox has all 4 locks set and you want the button to move the position at a set distance from the WebListBox?

I think if you position the WebButton below the WebListBox and only set Left and Bottom lock will work, unless I misunderstood your problem.

That’s it. I just didn’t use more common sense, using the side and bottom lock did do the trick. Frustratingly simple.

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