Bulleted Text, Hanging Indents, Etc.

I have a desktop application scenario where I need to provide the user with the ability of entering a bulleted list of items (text only) to a textarea (or whatever else would work for the purpose) and then save that to a MS SQL database. I know this has arisen as a topic before but after searching everything on this forum related to it, I can’t find where a workable solution was ever really identified. I own a current license to Bob Keeney’s Formatted Text Control, but it doesn’t support bulleted lists. I looked at WordGuise but in all honesty I can’t seem to get any of the examples to compile correctly to see what it actually would do, and what little documentation exists there is not very helpful … and besides, several past inputs in the forum indicated the FTC was more robust functionally to begin with.

Although I could probably have them create it in Wordpad and then cut/paste it into my Xojo app, that would be my last resort … it just doesn’t seem real professional to tell the user he has to use another external program to make my app work right. I’m hoping that one of our Xojo geniuses has successfully tackled this in the interim and I just haven’t seen that solution yet.

Is there an answer to this that I’m just unaware of … or am I stucko??? ^^

Thanks in advance for your responses.