Built apps still crash on MATE and XFCE

I just tested 2018r1.1
I was sorry to see that built Linux apps (including the Feedback app) will still crash on Distros using MATE Desktop. There are two bug reports that someone can sign on to if this is important.

Don Jungk

Xojo 2018 depends on GTK3, are those distros ready?

Yes. All of the recommended libs are installed.
One of the bug reports is listed as confirmed and the other, not yet looked at.
ldd shows that all dependencies are met.


I can verify - a project built with 18r1.1fc9 that runs fine on my FC27 desktop under GNOME and Cinnamon crashes with a SEGFAULT if I simply change the login desktop to MATE. The app opens and I can connect to it’s server, but while the main window is populating, the SEGFAULT occurs.

Also, mine crashes with NO print instance - just executing the app.