Building Web App in Xojo 4.1

Hi, when building my web app and uploading it to our Mac Mini Server running OS X 10.6.8 with Apache Version 2.2 I get the following error when trying to access the app on the server using my browser - cannot open port 1030.

However, when I open Xojo 3.3 and do the build again, upload the relevant files and try to open the App on the server, it works fine.

I don’t understand why 3.3 builds work but 4.1 builds do not.

In both cases the config file produced by the build is:


Seems I will have to stick with 3.3 until this is resolved.

Am I doing something wrong?

Read this link, 10.6 is no longer supported with 4.1.

Thank-you Jason.

I have to say that the software developers should have notified us 3.3 users that they would not be supporting 10.6 - naturally that would have affected my decision to get Xoijo 4.1.

I will continue using Xojo 3.3 as I do not wish to upgrade our servers to to OS X 10.7 at this time. Sadly this will mean that I have to ignore future releases of Xojo until we decide to upgrade our servers.

Many Thanks again for your help.

Keep in mind that Snow Leopard updates are probably done, so it may not be safe to continue to rely on it.

Snow leopard updates are already done
Apple skipped releasing a fix for their recent SSL issue for 10.6 and lists 10.9 as the security updates for 10.6
Several news organizations reported on this

To clarify - as I understand it, the SSL bug that was present on iOS 7 and 10.9 wasn’t present on 10.6 or 10.8, but Norman’s general point about 10.6 being otherwise ignored, remains very valid.