Building many Xojo projects

Hi everyone,

I’ve got about 17 Xojo projects (each for a different program within a larger system) and I want to get them to automatically build for me. For ages I’ve been doing it by hand, opening up each Xojo project and building it, then moving to the next one, etc. My list of programs is growing and it’s slowly taking more and more time to do. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way that I can automatically build all the projects (preferably via command line, although I believe this is impossible due to how Xojo’s been designed).

I’ve heard of these Xojo scripting capabilities (like listed here) but I don’t think this is what I need. I have only one type of build per project.


Hmm, maybe I’ve found something.

I never got this to work. Also, building (or at least the build command) seems to be async. I need to build 3 projects one after the other and would welcome a solution, too.

Look in the examples folder at:

Examples/Advanced/IDE Scripting/IDE Communication

This uses an IPCSocket to send commands to the IDE. basically you would build a second Xojo app to control the IDE.

Thanks for the response Greg.

Unfortunately, this IDE Communication program is a masochist’s dream come true.

With a simple script called “test.xojo_script” whose contents are Print("test") simply will not work. On Windows I get the following errors:

IDECommunicator: Unhandled exception. Exception Message: Passing non-absolute shell paths is not currently supported Exception Error Number: 0 An exception of class UnsupportedFormatException was not handled. The application must shut down.

The error message confuses me because I’m giving it the absolute paths. I get the same exception, word for word, when I try the -c option. Only -v and -h work.

Using the equivalent on Mac I’m slightly more successful but I get a compile error in the IDE. It says Compiler Error[1] Error found while compiling on line 1.. On Mac -c also works.

What am I doing wrong?