Building iOS iPhoto app "in public”

In case anyone’s interested, I am building a new photo iOS app “in public” and posting updates to a single Twitter thread:

I have over two decades of Rb/XOJO experience and over a decade of iOS experience and over a dozen published apps, but this is my first XOJO iOS app. So far, I’m impressed, so I’m confident that I’ll be able to produce and ship a polished experience.

I haven’t announced the app name or functionality on Twitter, but I’ll describe it here: It’s called “Photo Tape” and it will let you select images from your photo library and join them together. This is an app that I’ve wanted to build for a long time, but was never worth the effort to make via the Obj-C/Swift route.


This project is still making progress! The thread continues to grow:

Here’s the latest work:

iOS development in XOJO has been smooth, except for the problems. There are limitations with controls, Auto Layout, and layout issues with MobileScreens. I’ve been able to find workarounds, but they do hinder momentum.

The issues are particular to XOJO iOS development—e.g., there’s no stack control, so I created one with the built-in MobileCanvas and auto layout engine. But the Auto Layout engine doesn’t let you set a position based on a multiplier of a width, so I have to manually compute layout positions in the Canvas.Paint event. And so on, and so on.