Building for Earlier iOS Versions

With Xcode 11 and Xojo 2019.3 it seems I can only create apps that run on iOS 13.

The Xojo docs indicate I should be able to make apps that run on iOS 10 - 13.

What is needed to do this?

Thank you.

I don’t know what Xojo is doing to enforce such restrictions, but I do know with Xcode/Swift sometimes I can create apps that will run all the way back to iOS9.3, but for the most part (iOS specific features not withstanding)… iOS10 is the minimum


But at the moment I can only create apps that run on iOS 13. I also would like to support 12.

Do I need some different things from Apple?

Xojo can run iOS apps pre-iOS 13 in the iOS Simulator but you need to download a Simulator for each OS. This is done in Xcode > Preferences > Components (see screenshot below).

I’m running the app I’m working on now in both 12.2 and 13 in the simulator.