building a webapp with existing html structures

Hi everyone, i am interested in using this product to enhance my website but I am just curious about certain possibilities:

Can I load plain html with a css framework like foundation/bootstrap using the web component? my aim is to keep the existing site I have, and enhance it using the functionality xojo provides. I just don’t see any information about building a webapp using typical html tags, and css. The interface builder is quite sexy however. :slight_smile:

generally thats not possible to import existing web apps and tweak it

It is not possible that way. But you can use Xojo the same way you would Php, using the HandleURL Web service built in.

Another way would be to use a Xojo web app in an iFrame, within your existing pages.

Thank you for the info, it was useful as I am a new user. So in the case where I would want to produce a webpage or webapp that has a nice header, with a css element like a jumbotron from bootstrap, I would create my site statically, and use an iframe within portions that require dynamism (so to speak)?

i would rather just like to be able to do something like this using xojo, so i can have a cool looking webpage with the functionality of xojo webapps:


some info

>> "do some xojo stuff here and everywhere else as well"

The current version of Xojo Web simply does not work that way.

Perhaps Web 2.00, which will be released later this year, will be more of what you are seeking.

You can do what your example above describes but by using the WebSDK.

Not a huge learning curve…

yes, that is what I am doing for example here:
The page is static html + css, the form in the content area is generated dynamically by a Xojo web application loaded within an iFrame.

Nice, that’s looking good @christian. Just curious @stephen, where do I find the websdk? I couldn’t locate.

Arsalan, more information here

Xojo is working on a new version of web Xojo Programming - Web Framework 2.0 Update - YouTube in other words, soon there will be a new websdk

ok, that’s fair.