Building a request string for Socket error

DIM DayStr AS STRING = FORMAT(VAL(DayPopMenu.Text),“0#”)
DIM HourStr AS STRING = FORMAT(DateNow.hour,“0#”)
DIM MinStr AS STRING = FORMAT(DateNow.Minute,“0#”)
DIM SecStr AS STRING = FORMAT(DateNow.Second,“0#”)
DIM dateSTR AS STRING = YearPopMenu.Text+"-"+MonthNum+"-"+DayStr+“T”+HourStr+":"+MinStr+":"+SecStr
DIM RequestSTR AS STRING = ",-63.18406,"+datestr+"?exclude=currently,flags,units=auto"
Requesttxt.text = RequestSTR

I’m getting a "There is more than one item with this name, and it’s not clear to which this refers error

Ok, I found the issue, I had to add another set of quotes :


I thought I solved it but I didnt, I cannot seem to create a request on the fly as I originally posted

Ok now I finally fixed it. Seems the data type expected by SEND is text, not string. So when I build my URL, I have to define the variable as TEXT. It was fine for a hard coded URL in quotes but not when I was building a string