Build vs Run, 32 vs 64 bit, etc

Hi…I’m using Xojo 2016r3 on a Mac (latest OS) and building a 64-bit app. I notice that when I choose to build a 64-bit app, the RUN menu item (and icon) are dimmed out, yet I can still build the application. And, I notice when I choose to build a 32-bit app instead, the RUN menu item and icon are available again. For one, is this normal? And, are you able to RUN a 64-bit Mac app if running the latest Xojo 2017, or must you still go outside the IDE to run your built app? THANKS!

64bit debug mode is not yet available… you can COMPILE and execute, but not run within the IDE in 64bit mode


I said “yet”

Got it. Thanks. You guys are FAST!

You can debug 64 Bit Desktop apps in the IDE with 2017r1, but not under Windows yet.

Good to know. Thanks!

Huh… I thought you’ve been able to debug 64-Bit apps since 2017r1? At least that what I’m doing, oh no I’m now questioning myself.

Ken originally asked about 2016r3

But in 2017r1 you CAN run & debug 64 bit macOS targets

“Yet” means 64 debugging under Windows IDE will be available soon … I hope.

Not that soon, sadly:

Thanks Ulrich. Missed this one. it’s a pity, but appreciate Geoff making it clear to us.

I don’t have a direct interest in this thread, but I just HAD to notice that no one really answered the OP’s question, which was about why a certain function was dimmed. (Maybe I’m too precise or literal.) Ulrich was the closest.

OP: since you are running 2016r3 Mac, 64-bit debugging isn’t available on that version. That’s why it’s dimmed.

Xojo released 64-debugging Mac at 2017r1. Although running an older Xojo has it advantages, with 64-bit I would ALWAYS run the latest Xojo. It’s just too new a feature. (Also, note that Windows 64-bit debugging is still not available, Xojo has placed the responsibility for that on the open-source LLVM team - they are waiting for them.