Build Universal via App Wrapper results in Intel build

Does AppWrapper wrap universal builds? I’m setting Xojo to Universal and via script, running App Wrapper 4 to build for website, notarise etc. But the result seems to be only x86_64. No sign of ARM.

I can see the initial build from Xojo is Universal, but I only see a folder for *** - Website(x86_64).

Hi James, yes it does.
But first lets confirm some settings.

  1. Select “General” from the left hand sidebar.
  2. Under the Compatibility heading, make sure that Intel 64 and ARM 64 are selected.

If those settings are selected and it still only outputs a Intel 64 build, check the Application info in the bottom left hand corner of the window, if that reads x86_64, then it believes the source is only Intel 64-Bit.

Otherwise, please use the “Contact Ohanaware” option on the Help menu to send me an e-mail with the log data (after wrapping) so I can take a look and see what it is doing.

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Thank you Sam, not sure why I was too blind to see that checkbox before. Duh.

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Yup. That caught me out the first time I tried UB.
‘Crumbs’, I thought… ‘adding M1 support has barely changed the app size at all… result!’
And of course, AW had (correctly) just deleted it from the package. :slight_smile: