Build step for scp

Hi, i’m making a console application for raspberry Pi.
As you know, there isn’t a debugger for Pi, so the workflow is build the app, copy the files to the Pi, testing.

I would like to automate at least the copy of app on Pi, at the moment i do this with a terminal command like this from the Linux Arm build folder:

scp -r myPiBuild/ pi@

can i use this command with a build step?

i’ve tryed this one, with no luck:

Dim command As String command = "scp -r myPiBuild/ pi@" Dim result As String result = DoShellCommand(command)

thanks all

Dim command As String command = "scp -r myPiBuild/ pi@" Call DoShellCommand(command)

It works with a simple command like “open /Users/me/Desktop” but not with scp
probably i need some command to point to the right directory (build) before make the copy.

the directory is CurrentBuildLocation

command = "cd " + CurrentBuildLocation + ";scp -r myPiBuild/ pi@"

maybe myPiBuild/ should be myPiBuild ?

Great Axel, it works.

Just a little modification to copy all the folder, not only executables.

command = "cd " + CurrentBuildLocation + ";cd ..;scp -r myPiBuild/ pi@"

scp require password to work, so i make a public key on my mac and on the Pi to avoid typing password. (i don’t know if can put the password in the script)

thanks again.

It may be a good feature for the xojo ide to have a buid setting for raspberry pi to (re)place it automaticly to the right folder.