Build step and file not found: how to know which file it was?


I’ve had to move my project folder elsewhere and now Xojo can’t find the files used in a build step. When I go to the build step, all I see is this:


So I know there were three files there, but I don’t recall which ones.
I tried hovering with the mouse, hoping to see a tool tip showing the expected path, but didn’t see any. Right-click didn’t show the path either. How do we figure out the files’ path that were there before the break, without reading the binary project entirely?

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You could open the text file for the project (if it is text or xml project) and look for the file name/path inside.

Thanks. It’s a binary project.
I could examine the paths in the binary file, but I’d think the GUI should tell us the path directly.

What version of Xojo?
Mac or Windows?

I always see this using Xojo on Mac:

I mean, what you see plus the path to the missing file.

The latest one.

Mac (Ventura).

It’s what I seemed to recall; thanks for refreshing my memory.

Is it documented somewhere how to interpret an empty path shown in the build steps for a file not found, like mine?
Otherwise, could someone at Xojo please answer?

Thank you.

I haven’t seen that documented.

I think you need to contact support and/or open an Issue, to get a better response.

Ok, thanks, I’ll do it.
Still wondering why no one at Xojo answered in this thread.

It is not clearly noted but I have read several times that this forum is mostly for user participation, Xojo staff doesn’t necessarily read all the posts.

I usually have success in getting a staff answer if I ping (use @ username) one of the staff but when support is needed is better to email Xojo (at hello or support) or create an issue with your project (privately) or a sample project.

You may ask an MVP to help you contact the staff if needed, but the above steps (email/issue) should be enough to get an answer.

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Thank you.