Build Settings | Shared | Debug | Destination

I don’t like to have DebugBuild in my application folder. So I use “Build Settings | Shared | Debug | Destination” to enter a folder where all this stuff is created every Debug session. It works perfectly.
The only problem appears when I change computer: Mac < > PC.
If the folder I’ve used in my PC (for example “C:\temp”) doesn’t exist in my Mac, this value is deleted and when I come back to my PC I must re-enter it again.

How should I do it, if I want to preserve this folder when changing Mac/PC?
Should I use a relative folder?

I thought it would be great to have this value not “Shared”, but different for every platform. But before opening a Feedback Feature Request, I’d like to know if there is already a simple way to do it.

Thanks for any help.

Well, it seems that Greg asked something very similar some years ago (2008) with no success: <>
I added my request and let’s see.