Build Resource

I have inserted a build step to add a Text File called “Fundamental.txt”

I have tested that it is there and can show the file name.

How can I display the contents of the text file in the label object (or textarea)?

Dim f As FolderItem
f = SpecialFolder.GetResource(“Fundamental.txt”)

If Not f.Exists Then
// Cannot read the file if it does not exist
Label1.Text = f.DisplayName
End If


Where did you copy the file to? I have done this only for desktop apps. There I start with app.applicationFile (or similar, not in front of my Xojo computer) and then wander around until I have the desired file. Something like:

app.applicationfile.parent.parent.child("resources").child("some file")

In IOS there is a CopyToFile in the Insert Build Step.

I have the file I would just like to display the contents

Thanks Michael I didn’t think that applied to IOS framework, cheers