Build problem


I have Real Studio 2011 Release 3 i.e. IDE before name was changed to Xojo. So I have quite old environment but I suspect that problem I faced is pretty basic and you with more experience with RealStudio/ Xojo can help me.

I have used RealStudio to do some desktop applications like COM-terminal for Windows to help my embedded sw development . Now I like to change the COM-terminal a bit so I added “UpDownArrows” to GUI, then I build the project and got executable application to directory X and library directory X/Libs including ‘Appearance Pak.dll’. This works fine if I run the executable from the directory X but I need to be able to transfer application to other folders/other computers without libraries. Without “UpDownArrows” control build makes one executable file which I can move around .

Why " UpDownArrows" needs extra DLL whereas other UI elements/controls do not needed it (at least the other ones I have used). More importantly how I can solve this, should I compile ‘Appearance Pak.dll’ somehow and included it to the build ?


You should always include the accompanying “Libs” folder and any DLLs within it along with your app.

Thanx Paul.

I guess I should then make installation package from my app. Do you have some handy tools for that purpose?

This one gets lots of favorable reviews from Xojo users

The Creating Installers for Windows Apps blog post might be helpful.

Thank You! This will help me. Case closed :slight_smile: