Build name


Used XOJO version : 18r1.1
I would like to build my project with a name that is followed bij the Major,Minor and Bug version numbers.

For example : my project’s name = TestProg. Major version=19, Minor version=0 and Bug Version=0
When I build this project i would like that the versions were added automatically.
i.e. the result should be : TestProg v19.0.0
Changing the Major,Minor and Bug version in the IDE Build Settings should change the build name automatically, when a build is done.

I have found some explanations on this forum, but it does not work as described.

Has anyone a solution that could work, by script or in the IDE.



An IDE Script like this should do it:

[code]Dim appName As String = “TestProg v”
Dim version As String = PropertyValue(“App.MajorVersion”) + “.” + PropertyValue(“App.MinorVersion”) + “.” + PropertyValue(“App.BugVersion”)

PropertyValue(“App.MacOSXAppName”) = appName + version[/code]

Does this also need to work for a windows 10 build (32 bit)
My script is as followed :

Dim appName As String = "TestProg v"
Dim version As String = PropertyValue("App.MajorVersion") + "." + PropertyValue("App.MinorVersion") + "." + PropertyValue("App.BugVersion")

PropertyValue("App.WindowsName") = appName + version

Call BuildApp(3)

Dim result As String
result = ShowDialog("Build All", "Finished building.", "OK", "", "", -1)

But it does not build as ‘TestProg v19.0.0’
It still builds with the name set in the IDE Build Settings.


To change the Windows app name the property is called: WindowsAppName

Sorry I wrote ‘WindowsName’ instead of ‘WindowsAppName’.
It works this way.

Thank you very much.


Another question about my script:
In the script can I define the path where the build should be stored ?


No, but you can have a script that uses DoShellCommand to copy the build where you want it after it finishes.