Build issue

When I run my app in the debugger it compiles and runs.
However when I try to build it I get the error: “Can’t find a type with this name”

The offending line is
var ws as new Window_St
where Window_St is a Window object (with a couple of controls, several properties and methods).

Why would it run in the debugger yet fail to build?


Is this used with Worker class?
Then you can’t use window for the worker.

Ah… yes, @Christian_Schmitz. I am attempting to use in in a Worker class.

What I ultimately want to do is have a Worker be able to run multiple instances of a Shell and I was having difficulty figuring out how to programmatically create a class that contains a shell object (and it’s required events).

Don’t do that with worker.

Just use an app to do multiple shells with async operation.
That works fine and can easily handle 10 parallel shells.

In that case is there a way to guarantee that multiple shells are run on different cores?

The OS distributes the available cores on all tasks automatically.

I see. I’ll implement my project that way.
Thanks @Christian_Schmitz

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