Build default language

Since 2015 R2.2 (and 2015 R2.3) the default build language works not correct. All my Apps are created with multi languages support. In the build settings I use “Default” as Language. My language constants have three values:
Default: English string (example: ON)
English: English string (example: ON)
German: German string (example: EIN)

I build my app with 2015 R2.1 and start the app with German locale in the system settings, the app show all string in German Language. When I start the app with English locale in the system settings, the app show all strings in English Language. if I change the locale system settings to any other language which is not English or German, the app starts with the “Default” strings. I my case the English strings, so that people from other countries can work with my app with the English UI.

Since R2.2 (and R2.3) the app starts with the German UI. My customers in France, Netherlands and Australia get the German UI when they start my apps. I have three different apps in the MAS with this problem. Now I have build the apps with R2.1 and all is perfect. All systems that not have English or German languages in the settings, get the English UI of my apps.

These are still relevant since we’ve made no changes to how localization works

IF your build setting has “DEFAULT” set as a language then DEFAULT means that DEFAULT strings will be in whatever language the person who compiles the application computer is running in
So if you send me that project & I compile it DEFAULT = English
If you compile it and your computer is running in GERMAN then DEFAULT = German