Build Batch File Dynamically?

I need to build a batch file in Xojo so that I can dynamically change some of the strings that go in the commands. How do you create a batch file in Xojo from variables that you can then execute using the shell? Thanks!

@Tim Hare

create a text file
write all the commands you want to a text file
compose the commands you want using string concatenation

then run the batch file you just wrote

Create a text file using TextOutputStream?

And I suppose you just name the folderitem with a .bat extension?


yes to both

@Norman Palardy how do I manually specify the folderitem path so I can name the file? I am using code that gets my exe location based on debugBuild or not and setting a string var with it.

How can I use my path variable strAppPath to set the name of the text file I created?

Dim f As FolderItem = Documents.Child("Sample.txt")

I need Dim f As FolderItem = strAppPath.Child(“Sample.bat”) somehow?

try App.ExeFile.NativePath

I use this code to get set strAppPath:

' Set application path if DebugBuild Then strAppPath = App.ExecutableFile.Parent.Parent.AbsolutePath else strAppPath = App.ExecutableFile.Parent.AbsolutePath end

I need to do something like this:

Dim fPath As FolderItem = strAppPath Dim f As FolderItem f = fPath.Child("Test.bat")

Thanks but unless I am using it in the wrong place App.ExeFile.NativePath said App has no member named ExeFile.

Found the answer I was looking for here:

Dim f As FolderItem #if DebugBuild f = getfolderitem("").Parent.Child("Test.bat") #else f = getfolderItem("Test.bat") #endif