Build Automation, 64bit and AppWrapper

I’m confused here.
I recall reading that Build Automation can’t perform XojoScript for 64 bit builds.
But the AppWrapper script works…

So I’m wondering what the secret is that gets the AppWrapper script to work and how can I take advantage of that?

My problem is that I need to perform some actions before AW does it’s thing.

The IDE is 32 bit so Xojo Scripts work
A 64 bit app cant use Xojo Script as Xojo Script is not yet 64 bit

Oh I missed something then.
My build script runs just fine when building for 32bit, but the step gets skipped when building for 64bit.

skipped ?
or does nothing so it looks like its skipped ?

The actions aren’t performed, so my assumption was they were skipped. The only change is switching from 32 to 64.
They’re two simple shell commands, one to replace text (to put the Version number in the custom about file I use,) and the other hides the Frameworks folder.

[code]dim myVers as String = PropertyValue(“Answers.ShortVersion”)
dim pathToCred as String = CurrentBuildLocation + “/” + CurrentBuildAppName + “.app” + “/Contents/Resources/credits.html”
dim script as String = “perl -pi -e 's/%appvers%/” + myVers + “/g’ “”” + pathToCred + “”""
call DoShellCommand(script)

dim pathToFrameworks as String = CurrentBuildLocation + “/” + CurrentBuildAppName + “.app” + “/Contents/Frameworks”
dim hideFrameworksScript as String = “chflags hidden “”” + pathToFrameworks + “”""
call DoShellCommand(hideFrameworksScript)

Works like a charm when building or running 32bit. Nothing happens building 64bit.

I’d stick a “print” command in there JUST to verify if the script is / is not actually running

Well, according to the Print the step is being completed.
I found the problem, however.

CurrentBuildLocation returns an escaped path that I didn’t notice because the debug run didn’t happen to have any spaces. Geez, this build automation thing is really difficult without errors telling me I screwed up :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your help, Norman.