Build app with Workers

Hi… added a few Workers to my app to improve performance (and it does!) - however, when I build the app, I have various build steps that code sign the app, compress it, display the code signature and do a few other things - however, it compiles and adds the worker to the app bundle AFTER all the build steps are complete - so, in this instance, the compressed .zip file doesn’t contain the worker! Anyone else experienced this, must be an oversight on Xojo’s part?

Workaround - put all the code signing and stuff in to an IDE script that I manually run after its finished compiling everything, not ideal, but works.

Another way to deal with this starting in 2020r2.1 would be to create a build script called XojoBuildScript.xojo_script and put it in the Scripts folder next to the project. You can then write

Call BuildApp
// ...your post build commands 

Then when you press build, it will use that script instead.


I wasn’t able to get that done.
Could you please post a sample project?

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