Build a registration server in Xojo

Sadly it doesn’t work in this situation, as it requires the customer to leave their country to do this, eSellerate won’t allow activations from these countries. So I’ve been offering these customers the choice of either giving me their code so I can do the manual activation here and then send them back the code or a MAS promo code. Which do you think is more popular, however once I run out of codes I can offer the long complicated manual option.

Where do I begin…

The activation issue I have with them at the moment, where they’re refusing to allow activations from certain countries.

Their new support system. Which can’t send e-mails to certain hosts (it’s not clear why), so I have to manually log-into their support system to see if they’ve responded to my issue or not.

Yes, we had what we thought were accounting issues, it turned out that they use a different system to calculate how much we’re owed, when compared to their own monthly sales reports.

They no longer disclose what charges you pay every month (this one is fairly big IMHO).

One of our apps was featured in a fairly large promotion, the revenue per unit was so low that paying eSellerate’s activation fees would have made participating in the promotion hardly worth it, I tried to negotiate with them. But was told it’s this price or go someplace else, which I’ve been trying to do (albeit not hard enough) since.

Their system was down for over 2 weeks, some time ago and when I asked for compensation due to loss of sales, I got the run around.

Overall its general feeling I get when dealing with my ‘Digital River’ account manager, is that we’re not someone they care about at all.

Before DR took over was also had an awesome account manager who would even contact us once in a while to tell me about other things I could try to improve my business.

I must say that John Trumble provides excellent technically support, I just wish that his managerial team would back him up. He even confirms that their reporting tool is well known to be terrible by most customers.

I will miss John’s very helpful and valuable support, but I look forward to the day when I no longer have to have anything to do with them. eSellerate was a service I’d recommend until DR came in and broke it.

On the plus side - if these things don’t bother you. You do get.

Low rates.

A plugin that allows I-A-P, handles registration and activation for you.

A customizable store, you don’t need to build the backend, just later their layout to suit your needs.


Cross-selling, so if someone purchases one of your products, you can offer other products and include discounts.


If someone else is using eSellerate, you can sell their products and vice versa.

Rolling your own store is quite a bit of work, which is why we used eSellerate in the past.

Now that’s very interesting, so using Amazon’s S3?? system I can create a linux console app and then use some php to integrate with it… Could I fire it without PHP?

Interesting concept and I certainly appreciate the offer of being to use your hardware. I don’t know how this would work with other developers? It’s been a long long time since I worked on a joint effort, and I was only a lackie (do this, fix that).

Thanks Fredrick,
Can you share the URL of your store, I’d be really interested in taking a look at it. In honesty a little excited to see a web store built with Xojo.

I may have experience, but most of it is geared towards image manipulation and consumer apps, been a long time since I touched a database.

Visit for our blog/website and for our store. Our blog/website is all WordPress and our store is all Xojo.

You’ll find that our first three products are for the VMware market. All are cross-platform and one is a Web app. We’ll be adding products for additional markets over the next few months. When we do, we’ll also add a shopping cart to our store. Coupon codes for limited-time discounts are supported now and we’ll be adding incentives when existing users recommend products to new users. Both parties will benefit.

An Internet connection is required to download our products, purchase license keys and then receive those license keys via email. After that, the products can be installed, licensed and run in environments without any connection to the outside world. If there is a connection, we do additional authentication and monitor license activity for potential abuse.

You can do more or less than we have and even do it quite differently but you can indeed build an e-commerce solution tailored to the needs of your business with Xojo.

We’ve been building large scale, high transaction rate, mission critical database applications for stock exchanges and a wide variety of other big businesses for decades. Feel free to reach out for guidance anytime.

As you may have already experienced while visiting our blog/website and store, we are not experts in image manipulation, graphics, etc. As my colleagues in the construction business say, at some point we’ll need to add more lipstick to the pig. In other words, we will dress up our blog/website and store with a color and graphics theme that most visitors will hopefully find highly appealing. For now, it’s a bit of the minimalist approach, which so far has suited our users well based on their positive feedback. The mass consumer market is less likely to be as satisfied so before we release products for them, we had best apply some lipstick to the pig.

Probably but needs more brain power than I have right now. Packing for travel with 2 kids, Yeah!

Fredrick, excellent work and I’m really stoked to see a whole store made with Xojo. It’s a great inspiration and I’m really happy to know that it is doable with Xojo. You’ve made my day.

If you don’t mind me asking, where are you hosting the store?

The web app runs Stand Alone on one of our headless Linux servers that we physically manage.

Frederick, my compliments.
Very nice.
Great to see and to know that your shop is made in Xojo.

If you don’t mind, I have a few remarks.
I watched your shop on my iPad.
When I hold my iPad in portrait mode your shop doesn’t fit and I can’t resize it to make it fit.
Second, when I try to scroll, I have to use the left or right side of the page.
When I try to scroll with my finger on one of your products area’s, scrolling isn’t possible.
Please don’t see this as an attack on your work, but as a feedback in helping you to make your shop even better.

This is due to a shortcoming in the WebContainer control. A WebPage cannot be scrolled via a WebContainer. I discussed this with Greg at the XDC. Hopefully a future version of WebContainer will permit passing touch & drag through to the parent WebPage. As more and more users surf with touch screen devices, like the iPad, the ability to scroll a WebPage via a WebContainer becomes more important.

Regarding your suggestions, thank you. They are well received. We’ll be adding a shopping cart and some other functionality to our store within the next few months. When we do, we’ll address the shortcomings in the current design. What you see now is not only version 1.0 of our store but also our first Web app.

Our background, and my background, is in developing database centric business software that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. That fact that we were able to successfully put together an online store without too much effort, says a lot about how easy it is to transfer your Desktop development skills to the Web with Xojo. There is a learning curve but not a steep one.

Hey Frederick, just curious… What happens if you stick a transparent rectangle on top of the container in your page layout? Assuming of course that your container doesn’t need to handle any click input…

Unfortunately, the WebImageView and WebLink controls we’ve placed within the WebContainer controls do need to handle clicks/taps. Your suggestion is appreciated and placing transparent controls, like the WebRectangle, everywhere but where we need to handle clicks/taps may work. If the WebContainer control issue has not been addressed by the the time we redesign our store then we’ll use whatever means necessary to address it ourselves.

For those of you that would like to be able to scroll your WebPage via a WebContainer control, please consider participating in these two Feedback cases. I believe that Greg might have misunderstood Fabio when he chose to close the second case, which was filed way back in April of 2012. Travis filed the first case about a month ago and suggested using a Property to determine how the relevant events are handled.

<> WebContainer property to dictate whether to capture touch/mousewheel events
<> WebContainer doesn’t allow page scrolling on SafariMobile

All five of My Top Cases in Feedback are Web related. Although the IDE continues to be in need of attention, it would be nice to see some more significant progress on the Web front.

Very nice e-comm website Frederick. I like the simplicity of the interface.

Hi Sam,
Thank you. It is doable with Xojo and your store is sure to look great based on how nicely you’ve designed your website. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

[quote=25045:@Paul Sondervan]Frederick, my compliments.
Very nice.
Great to see and to know that your shop is made in Xojo.[/quote]

Thank you Paul. We’re very happy to have been able to create it with Xojo.

Thank you Alwyn. I’m a minimalist and that carries through to all of our designs. When we add a shopping cart and additional products targeting different markets, we’ll do our best to keep it simple despite the diverse audience.

HI Sam

I create a license system for Real Studio and it is working for Xojo. It is in real 3 system, Web application, License system in you program and 3rd is license number generator. You only new to add 1 line of code in you project, you can add more to increase the security, and you can select wich property you will check, it can be user, mac address, HD Serial, USB serial and more. The system is working like this with the generator I create a hundres or thousand of numbers and I put a label in the software box so each customer has his unique number, when he run the program it show a windows where the license system in my progam has created, with this number my customer go to my website and register the number and get confirmation number. All this is done in Real Software/Xojo code. And you have very seldom need to help you customer with this registration. 99 of the registration is automatic. You can even lock you software to USB memory stick. One thing I forgot to tell you that the number generator, you can select how many license each unique number has. I was planning to sell this through Real Software but like I was not the right person. And because I’m using Xojo about 10% of my programming and spend about 500 hourse in this system I ready to give you this license system but only you not other here on this form. You can contact me by my e-mail