Build a Class?

Is there any way of building a Class? I have an external class which I am using in my app which uses 2 icons and also references 2 other classes. Correct me if i’m wrong but when I “Import as External” my class I also have to have the 2 icons and 2 other classes in my app.

I would rather “import as external” my class and it brought with it all its referenced classes and Icons. Or failing that if I could build the class so it bundled everything then import it.

Am I expecting to do too much? I hope the above makes sense.

You can import an entire folder at once.

How? I can copy and paste an entire folder. I want to keep it as external so I can modify the class and use it in other applications.

If I understand right your question, on Mac you can drag the external item (even a folder) holding CMD+ALT to add it to your project as an external item.