Bug when place a ContainerControl inside tabpanel?

Then could you remove the [solved] from the subject so you don’t confuse the rest of us seeing this hoping to find an answer in this thread? If you’re not willing to share what you’ve uncovered, you’re not helping anyone else who comes here thinking that you’ve posted the answer to the problem.

First of all, sometimes I can’t access this forum. I don’t know why. Browser just stuck on SSL negotiation or stuck on connecting to this site.

Without knowing how xojo framework structuring the widgets/controls, I’m afraid that this is not a generic solution and only works on my case.

So, this is what I’ve found:

GtkNotebook: x = 310, y = 0
    GtkFixed: x = 315, y = 30
        GtkEventBox: x = 626, y = 61
            GtkFixed: x = 626, y = 61
                your_widget: x = 646, y = 81

We clearly see that GtkEventBox is placed in the wrong position. I think the correct position should be x = 315, y = 30.

So, All I can do is listen to GtkEventBox size-allocate signal and then correct the position. That’s it.

Note: Currently, I don’t have any issues with this approach. But, It will be better if Xojo developer can say something about this.

Oh, I’m using GTK+2

Then this may never be fixed as Xojo have moved on to GTK-3 for Linux.

That’s why I try to fix this issue.

This is a big issue if you want to create text-editor-like application. I mean, place a bunch of controls inside a ContainerControl and then attach it dynamically to TabPanel or PagePanel.