Bug: WebDialog Constructor Issues

When adding a constructor to a web dialog and showing it, it lacks any background (being transparent) and is not centrally placed on the screen. See screenshot:


Known bug? I found similar ones, though not exactly the same, e.g.:

I could not reproduce this is a simple project. If you have an example that does, please add it to a new Feedback report.

Here you go: <https://xojo.com/issue/28679>

I have the same problem. I added a constructor with two arguments and then set properties using the two arguments. The screen starts to gray about halfway across the underlying webpage and the dialog appears off to the right.


In your constructors, are you calling Super.Constructor?

@Alex von Siebenthal - I just looked… Unfortunately, they’re not related.

I’ve stopped using my own constructors in Web Edition. The behavior has always been kind of wonky.

Keep in mind this may not be true any more as I developed this habit on a project while it was in Release 1 beta. Frankly, I’ve not missed them much.

[quote=37342:@Greg O’Lone]Guys,

In your constructors, are you calling Super.Constructor?[/quote]