Bug Report wrongly closed

Bug report: 29502 - Windows IDE mentions Finder
Thomas T. Stated:

In Preferences for "Build". Should say Explorer.

Screen shot:

You can clearly see the Finder word. The IDE is running in VirtualBox (check the bottom-right of the screen shot), the language for this Windows XP (SP III, the mighty) is FR (for French).

CheckBox: Reveal apps: Show built apps in Finder when done building.

BTW: if the screen shot is too small, download it from here and watch it.

PS: I am sorry, I was not able to add this data to the Closed case (closed on Jan 9, 2014) because no answer before the 10 days tag.

You should still be able to add information to Closed cases in Feedback.

Anyway, it says “Explorer” on my Windows 8.1VM. If you can add specifics of your Language Settings to Feedback, we’ll see if it can be replicated.