Bug in WebPagination control

Feedback Case Number: 63527

Just over a year ago @Brandon_Warlick reported that there was a problem with page count in the web pagination control (in Xojo version 2020r2.1).
One year later this bug remains unresolved in release 2021r3.1. Right now this control is unusable.

Here is an example. If I set it to show 5 visible pages, the number of rows per page is 50 and I have 300 records, then the page count should be 6. But when I debug my example, it shows 10 pages but there is only data up to page 6 and the rest is blank. This aesthetically is a horror.

Also if you go to page 1 or 2, the button >> to go to the next 5 pages is active but if you click on page 3, 4 or 5 it is no longer operative.

I attach this image which illustrates the problem (in Brandon’s example):

2022-01-30 12.26.26

I consider the issue of web pagination to be fundamental if you work with listboxes and reasonably large databases and I think it would be essential to fix this bug.

I have tried to follow the workflow of reporting the bug using “Feedback” but if there is already an open case (from a year ago) I don’t know what else can be done.

Please, @Greg_O_Lone or someone from the Xojo web team, could you try to fix this bug, please?.

PS. Attached is Brandon’s example which clearly shows the problem: Here

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi @Sergio_Ciordia

If there is a Feedback case for that issue, you can add some (or all of your) points to it.

I would like to see this control fixed but I understand priorities. Until someone has the time to fix it, why not remove it? It cannot be utilized in a project.

Thank you @Javier_Menendez ,

Brandon’s example illustrates perfectly the problem with the control but with Brandon’s permission I will include some information regarding the disabling of the button >> depending on the page number selected.

Thanks again.

In the meantime you may be able to recreate the correct behaviour using a Segment Button. I’m away from my desk at the moment but I’m sure it would be possible, even if far from ideal.

Thanks for the suggestion @Adam_Charlton ,

@Anthony_G_Cyphers suggested the same idea as you. I’m looking at it right now but as you say it’s not the ideal option. I agree with Brandon that if the control doesn’t work, it doesn’t make any sense for it to be included in Xojo… at least until it’s fixed.

I’ve already included an update in Brandon’s feedback to see if the Xojo team will consider fixing it in a future release.

Let’s hope so.


Ah I can’t see @Anthony_G_Cyphers ’s suggestion.

The ideal is a working control, but in the meantime it may be a workaround. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release!

Right, sorry for the confusion Adam. I asked him about another topic and I took the opportunity to tell him about the web pagination control because it didn’t work with the graffitigrid control either.