Bug in WebChart on iOS

Hi team,

I’ve just come up against a showstopper bug with my web app when displayed on iOS (Safari).

After updating the chart about twice a second for ~40 seconds, the canvas that displays the chart disappears! As in, the chart just completely vanishes and doesn’t ever come back. The amazing @Anthony_G_Cyphers was able to take a look and confirmed my issues.

I’ve attached a simple example app and will raise a feedback case, I’m a little time critical so probably can’t wait for the next release of Xojo for a fix. Any suggestions on an alternative real time control that I can use?

Example code

I was actually able to see much worse performance in the simulator where, in many cases, the chart never appeared at all or would flash visible for tenths of a second. Modifying the update speed resulted in no change, despite setting it to 5 seconds at one point.