Bug in Version r2

In version 2014r1.1 I had sometimes troubles with arrays of controlls, like labels or textfields.
Sometimes the System didn’ recognize the array any more and I had to construct all the items again.

Now in Version r2 it seems to me, that somebody has tried to fix a bug, because now its acting different. Things, that XOJO previous have not done:

  1. The index of a member of the array is changed without my knowledge. This causes different failures from not running, because the item does not exist up to acting wrong, because another control, than I wanted is now reacting to my code.

  2. In the compiled version a Label shows the text of a label with a different index. For exampe Lable(33).Text= “red”, Lable(33).Text= “blue”, both show red, though in contruction time its clearly different.

So my Question is: When will be there a release, where the bug is really fixed?

Bug report # ?

Sorry dont know, how to do this properly. Its not so easy for foreign language.

The second passage should be:

  1. In the compiled version a Label shows the text of a label with a different index. For exampe Lable(33).Text= “red”, Lable(43).Text= “blue”, both show red in running time, though in construction time its clearly different: one shows red and the other blue (as text not the color)

You should click Feedback in the toolbar of the IDE and create a bug report with example code

Mentioning it on the forums is not the same and is likely to get lost in the hundred thousand or more posts

The code involved is not relevant.
Its just, that the index of a control out of an array changes the index without me doing anything and in another case there is a label, which has different text in run-time and design time.
What code should I include?

Something that shows this in action
A movie
A sample app
A list of steps that show this happening

The xojo-sever doesnt like me, cannot send the problem.

giving up for tonight

Error #104: XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 9

Don’t know, wether I have done wrong or if this is a problem in the line …

zip up your project and attach that

the zipped project is about 5.5 MB big
You wouldn’t find anything in it.
I have changed the failures in the meantime.

Strip all non relevant code and send that very small project that displays the so called bug.

I cannot send a bug. The index was changed by xojo, I changed it back. What will you see?
And to strip a Project of the size of 5,5 MB is not so easy


And to strip a Project of the size of 5,5 MB is not so easy
Sorry. Strip a project is a way to tell things. A way to get a project to demonstrates the bug is to create a bran new one with only the relevant code.

In fact, ususally, I create a feature in a brand new project and if that works, I roll it into the main project file.

Doing the reverse may help squashing the bug by yourself, avoiding a feedback, sometimes. In that case (creating a project who display the bug), I try to avoid re-using the actual code, I do not even load the project with the bug: I try to rewrite the feature from nothing/nowhere/… just in case I follow a different way and do not fall into the same trap (this works sometimes).

I cannot send a bug.
Are-you using the last versions of Xojo / Feedback ? In case of troubles installing Feedback, download it manually, install it and use it.

The index was changed by xojo, I changed it back.
Did you checked if the indices values in the Window editor are “correct” * before running the project?

  • correct to what you believe they are.
  1. I’ll check this out with the version of feedback.

  2. The failure doesn’t come on a cerain occassion. It comes or doesn’t come.
    I just wanted to report, that still there is something wrong. In the meantime I use the window again and again and there is no problem.

  3. I do not check the indices every time, before I start the program. There are too many of them in all the windows, as I use this very often. (I find it useful to change color of a certain group in a moment and switch it back, as I like - or the size, or bold)
    So after re-arranging some items, - i drag them out of the window and back again … ) this occured. And afterwards I couldnt start, because an item was missing (had the wrong index)

I often see Xojo going weird if all of the following is true:
more then 1 object is selected
and indexed objects are among the selected objects
and you move those objects by drag and drop with your mouse.

I never reported it because i can’t replicate it in a simple/small project and i am not allowed to “share” the project in which i can replicate it…

If you’re relying on the index value so heavily, you are effectively naming the control. You might want to consider a different naming convention. For example, you can write a routine that iterates over all the controls on a window and returns all the ones whose name begins with x. Then you can do something to all of them, while they still retain their individual identities.